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International recruitment specialists in Audit & Professional Services

Hanami International is an Audit & Professional Services recruitment specialist, operating worldwide across multiple sectors within global businesses and consulting firms. In partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur, James Caan’s growth capital firm, providing us with the platform to grow in an area that is increasingly specialist and ever-changing.

Hanami International have extensive experience of the UK & International markets. Our clients are some of the most exciting and highly regarded businesses that operate in multiple locations internationally and lie within Commerce, Industry and Professional Services.

Our mission:

To be the most trusted and informed recruitment advisors – with our values of honesty, transparency and respect, these guide us through every step of our service to candidates and clients. The result we aim for is a rewarding experience that provides genuine value.

Why Hanami?

We operate cross-border and without geographical limitations – we have placed as far west as San Francisco and Santiago, and as far east as Tokyo and Brisbane. Our agility and cultural adaptability allows us to deliver consistently through any major global centre.

We base our business on our core values of honesty, transparency and the passionate belief that delivering an outstanding and straight-forward service will achieve the best outcome.

Commercially, we provide a full range of recruitment solutions including single and multi-vacancy, contingent or retained campaigns.

Key to this is providing a rewarding service that has real substance.



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London, United Kingdom


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