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5TH Rivonia Rd, Sandown, 2031, Sandton, South Africa

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60 Degrees has grown through a series of introductions between like-minded individuals. Here there is a shared belief in impacting people’s lives through work and a vision of creating a more responsible recruitment business. Having led agencies and large multi-national corporates, our Directors, Ishpal Bansal and Brad Bloom wanted to create a business that not only had clients at the heart of what they did but moreover, supported its own people across their professional and personal lives and crucially, acknowledged each of our candidates’ individual circumstances and career aspirations to ethically support their career transition. To support this ambition, we embarked and secured the best and brightest minds in our industry to deliver exceptional client and candidate advisory services and securing the best talent, fit for both our clients and candidates. Today, we have seen exponential growth and have the privilege of working with an incredibly dedicated team who are impacting lives across Africa, Europe, the UK and the Middle East.

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Sandton, South Africa
London, United Kingdom
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Sandton, South Africa
London, United Kingdom
Cape Town, South Africa
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Sandton, South Africa


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Sandton, South Africa
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