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Karlstraße 14, 80333, München, Germany

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We are Ardekay IT Recruitment. And we specialize in finding Java, PHP, .Net Development and System Administration sectors.

We do our utmost for our professionals. Fast. Focused. Targeted. And without any inefficient procedures. We aim for results. The goal is to find the perfect match between candidates and clients, every time. But we don’t sit back and wait. We get to work proactively. Because it’s in our genes. And because it’s more effective. Much more effective.

Our specialist Recruitment Consultants stay on target to find a new job for you in no time in which you can get the best out of yourself. So you can develop further and give your ambitions a boost. At Ardekay IT Recruitment we look further than just your CV. You’ll receive personal one-on-one guidance from a Recruitment Consultant who specializes in your discipline. We’ll find you a job in no time that matches your professional experience, your personality and your ambitions.

The same applies to our clients. We find the best candidates who can offer a real contribution to achieving ambitions and objectives.

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München, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Rotterdam, Netherlands
Düsseldorf, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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München, Germany


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