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Arkesden Partners has built a successful track record working closely with clients and candidates alike. At all times we pride an outstanding level of service by listening to, and acting on the requirements of those we work with. We focus on working in partnership providing our customers and clients with a seamless service at all times. We undertake search mandates for clients and typically work on retained, exclusive and co-exclusive searches. In certain sectors, clients work on a more contingent basis. Our contingent team is well versed and geared to working on a preferred supplier structure. Some clients simply ask us for market data services. We supply tailored information on micro and macro sector hiring trends, market information on salary and bonus payments and competency based Human Resources data. We operate as a search firm contacting our network as new, relevant mandates arise.

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London, United Kingdom
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London, United Kingdom
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London, United Kingdom


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London, United Kingdom
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