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Bis Recruit is one of London’s most respected independent recruitment consultancies. Founded in 2004, Bis is still run by Founding Directors Sue Inman and Chrys Street, both of whom remain involved in the day to day business of placing motivated candidates in great companies. We can confidently boast that many of our clients have been with us since the beginning and we have assisted thousands of candidates in finding their next move. Our expertise lies in the central London recruitment market, placing EAs, PAs, Office Support and HR staff in companies of all sizes and industries. Our priority is to provide a knowledgeable and honest service that’s delivered with integrity and a smile. The key to the success we have enjoyed at Bis has been great teamwork. We can happily report that our team of consultants have been with us for many years, and this supportive environment full of laughter and shared experience enables us to deliver a first class service to both clients and candidates. Ultimately we are people people; meeting all our clients and candidates as well as building strong working relationships is integral to what we do. Whilst we recognise that technology is a tool that can enhance our productivity, it can never replace the human touch when it comes to recruitment. Every day is different at Bis; working with individuals we continue to learn and expand our knowledge of the London recruitment market. Whether you are looking for a new member of your team, some expert advice or your next role, we can guarantee that you will find working with Bis a refreshing change from your usual High Street recruiter.

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