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Jan Pieter Zondervanweg 7, 2031 BH, Haarlem, Netherlands

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We are an innovative and high-quality recruitment and selection agency (since 2011). Specialized in Business Professionals (for both permanent and interim positions) at HBO + level. We know what is going on in the job placement market and respond to this, but more importantly; we also participate in this!

Some facts about Bloem:

More than 15 years of practical experience (both in-house recruitment and on the agency side)

Distinguished by a coaching trajectory of the candidate who is mediated. This is supervised by external experienced Professionals

Certified assessor of the 16PF personality questionnaire; This assessment was taken with every candidate we speak

Transparent and Personal process; you know in advance what to expect

Adequate and personal mediation

22% fee of the gross annual salary

Working on a no-cure no-pay basis

Flexible in the agreed warranty period

Flexible in the invoice term

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Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands


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Haarlem, Netherlands
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