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29-31 Monson Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1LS, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

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Bonobo are a full-service Creative Industry Recruitment Agency working within the Marketing, Advertising, Media and Digital Production sector. There’s a revolution for good happening in recruitment, and it’s being driven by the niche and independent agencies who integrate with their sectors and understand the core values that are so often forgotten by others. This, is who Bonobo are.


Our focus lies within the Creative Industry. We cover both Permanent and Freelance roles that span Client Services, Project Management, Design, Development, Social Media, Experiential, Strategy and Studio Management. We’re very consultative and always happy to give guidance, so even if it’s just a thought for now, and you want a little more info, that’s fine by us.


Our core client and candidate base revolve around London and the South East, but we’re always open to a new challenge and in the past have worked across many other places in the UK, and in Europe. If you’re looking for work, or people, in a particular area, then don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
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Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom


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Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
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