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1 Kennington Park Road, Brixton Road, SW9 6DE, London, United Kingdom

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As a team of specialist ERP/IT recruiters, we are renowned within the ERP consulting space for our ability to source candidates across a variety of technologies In Particular SAP, Microsoft and Oracle. Using both our wide network and in-depth knowledge of the ERP technology space, BOSS ERP Consulting are able to conduct conversations at a high technical level, allowing us to accurately match employers requirements with candidates who meet both the technical and personal profile the client requires. Boss ERP pride ourselves on supplying a highly focused and personally tailored service to both client and candidate, which helps BOSS ERP remain one of the most successful and fastest growing ERP recruitment agencies in the UK. To create a status as a global leader in ERP recruitment by continuing to supply many of the top FTSE 500 companies with the right calibre of individual while saving the client time and Money by providing the highest level of service Boss ERP is associated with . We strive to do this by creating a fun culture and productive environment for our employees that will offer a fantastic platform for personal growth and career development.

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London, United Kingdom


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