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Brighter People are passionate about managing the recruitment process in such a way as to provide a truly positive experience to both the job applicant and prospective employer alike.

Our mission is to assist people with their next career move, and ensure that it is one to enhance their future. We identify career focused and highly sought-after individuals, and pride ourselves on supporting large corporations with their recruitment needs. We strive to ensure that our candidates are of the highest calibre, interviewed by one of our team, who are well versed on the vacancy and culture of the business we are recruiting for.

This is achieved through offering a robust interview process to all applicants ensuring that their personal aspirations and cultural fit are met

Brighter People are market-leaders in our field. Our sector insights from having worked in the industry for more than 30 years in both the provider and consultancy spaces, coupled with previous long-standing success within the executive recruiter market gives us the edge.

It enables us to offer a tailor made, niche recruitment solution.

Our market

• Employee benefits, consultancy and provider

• Global Benefits Management

• International Healthcare & protection

• Workplace Health and wellbeing

• Technology

• Reward


• Having worked in the EBC and provider space for many years we have extensive knowledge of the available roles and our clients and their culture

• Time investment for every vacancy and candidate

• Coach & Prepare Candidates

• Advising on Interview Techniques

• Assistance with CV Preparation

• Market Experience, previous and present

• Extensive network of contacts

• On market/off market connections

Our team are always willing to assist you. Get in touch, for a friendly informal conversation (in confidence) and without commitment.

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London, United Kingdom


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