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Zilverparkkade 23, 8232 WJ, Lelystad, Netherlands

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On the top floor of the characteristic Dominor building, with an impressive branch structure, our HR professionals work for you every day on recruitment, selection, assessments, freelance mediation and they assist you with HR advice and practical support. If desired, they can also work at your location.

Burger Support was founded in 2005 by Marcel Burger and Maaike Burger-Nienhuis. Before this, they both had careers in the temporary employment industry. They consciously chose their own company in the Flevoland region, where they have a wide network. The personal and committed approach has proved successful. The permanent team now works for a wide variety of clients every day.

Burger Support Services is a trade name of HelloFlex People 200 BV and is therefore affiliated with the General Bond Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU). Burger Support Services also meets the requirements of the NEN 4400-1 standard. We also have the quality mark of the Labor Standards Foundation (SNA), the quality mark for all temporary employment agencies and (sub) contractors of work. As a result, a hirer of temporary workers cannot be held liable for payment of arrears with payroll taxes and turnover tax.

We are the recruiter throughout Flevoland and just beyond. All Burger Support employees have a warm heart for the province. We are proud ambassadors of Flevoland, its residents and employers!

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Lelystad, Netherlands
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Lelystad, Netherlands


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Lelystad, Netherlands
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