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We started under the umbrella of Netwerkt with a solid basis in retail. In combination with our own passion for fashion and extensive work experience in fashion, retail and wholesale, today we focus on all fields of expertise within the fashion industry. From Design, Product Management & Buying, Planning & Merchandising, Marketing, E-commerce, Sales to Store Management. From junior to executive, and everything in between.

Careers in Fashion is there for the customer and the candidate. Personal contact is what it's all about. Our goal is to bring you together. By continuously staying up-to-date with clients' developments, but also knowing candidates, we often know which top candidate is open to a new challenge or which company has your dream job. Our goal: the best fit in fashion!

We do this from our personal approach, towards the candidate and towards the customer. No formal intention, just the way we are.

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Almere, Netherlands
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Almere, Netherlands
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Almere, Netherlands


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