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Carriera provides specialist, innovative and focused recruitment solutions for clients and individuals throughout the UK and globally. We connect the best professionals with top employers across the construction and property industries.

Our consultants are true sector specialists with a deep understanding of the industry and markets we work within. Our extensive network and search methodologies enable us to make the right connections for you in a timely and efficient manner.

Carriera was established to provide an executive recruitment solution. The majority of our mandates are on a retained basis, where we offer head-hunting or search and selection services. We also offer contingency recruitment services, where we typically work on an exclusive basis to seek and secure the best professionals in the market.

Our senior consultants and management team have significant industry experience. Much of this experience is derived from long-standing relationships with clients and candidates which have been grown from, and nurtured, on the principles of absolute care and added value. By having a close working relationship with our clients and candidates we achieve the best results and make a real, quantifiable, difference to our clients’ businesses and our candidates’ careers.

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