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Conway Consulting is a Headhunting and Executive Search company focussed on the management consultant led by an ex-consulting Partner, Keith Conway. We are preferred suppliers and trusted advisors to the tier1 consultancies, niche consultancies and industry – in the UK, Middle East and Asia.

Approximately 80% of CVs submitted for review by our clients are accepted for interview, with 75% passing that interview. This success is founded on three pillars:

1. Knowledge. We are passionate about knowing all there is about our clients and candidates. We meet with our clients on a regular and frequent basis to ensure we understand their needs which means we do not need job descriptions to understand the best candidate for them.

2. Mentoring. We thoroughly brief and mentor all our candidates through each stage of the interview.

3. Long term relationships. We truly value our clients and candidates with the result that all of our clients to date have come through recommendations.

Due to our relationships, we are in a position to talk to clients on your behalf formally and informally. We are focussed on the right person getting the right job, not just a placement.

We have recently been voted 14th out of the country's top 100 companies that employ graduates in The Job Crowd's list of Top Employers. In addition, we placed second overall for headhunting and recruitment companies.

The team at Conway are passionate about what we do, have a dedication to service excellence and would love to hear from you.

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