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A long time ago, in a co-working space (not that) far, far away, Laurens and Melih Berk met each other. Melih Berk, who is an ethical hacker and Laurens who is an experienced recruiter, discussed the alarming need for technical cyber security professionals in The Netherlands. When Laurens mentioned his idea for setting up a niche cyber security company, Melih offered his help and expertise. Melih’s advise on how to find and train cyber security professionals helps us on our mission to fight the dark side of the web.

Cyber Security Recruitment is located in Amsterdam but we adopt a cross-border recruitment approach. Our goal is to help cyber security professionals get the most out of their career – by finding them more satisfying job positions. At the same time, we get a kick out of helping companies connect with hard-to-find cyber security talent.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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