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EJ Legal was set up in 1992 as a specialist legal recruitment agency - one of the first in the country.

We specialise in introducing the strongest talent to our clients. We work with law firms and in-house in financial services, commerce and industry and are recognised throughout the country for the level of commitment we bring to the recruitment process.

We are one of the leading legal recruitment agencies in London and we are recognised throughout the industry for the level of commitment we bring to the recruitment process, our exceptionally high ratio of successful, long term introductions and our innovative approach to addressing the needs of both our candidates and our clients.

We are in continuous contact with a network of clients we have been building for more than 20 years.

We are the preferred supplier to a vast and and diverse range of leading banks, financial services businesses, insurance, media, telecoms and manufacturing companies as well as the full range of UK and international law firms.

We have unparalleled access to legal jobs in London and the wider market. Our profile and our contact network means we are frequently consulted about legal jobs while they are still at a formative stage in the client’s mind. As a result we are uniquely well placed to effect introductions before the role is 'on the market'.

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London, United Kingdom


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