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Esti aims to create a longstanding relationship with the candidates. We pay attention to everyone who uploads their CV, even if we don’t have an immediate job opening available. The perfect match is not only about meeting 100% of the requirements but most of all about change, progress and new experiences. Esti focusses on the personal motivation and ambition of each professional. It is important to us to have a clear understanding of the candidate and see if a start-up, SME or a corporate is a match. We believe that company culture is an important factor to success. Furthermore, we are convinced that sharing knowledge inspires and provokes feedback, therefore we publish articles and interviews to stay connected to our candidates and clients. Esti is more than staffing alone. We provide relocation guidance, not only in the physical manner: packing your bags and renting a new home in a different country. We believe that it is also a change in mind set and lifestyle. So, we give the ins and outs in how to feel comfortable in a new reality. We also understand that work alone doesn’t make a person fully happy. Having friends and meeting like-minded are key to feel connected. We support the IT professionals by organising meet-ups and barbecues for them to meet others and stay part of the Esti network.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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