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Eswelt was founded in 2013, with the aim of becoming a highly specialized ERP and CRM staffing organization. In recent years we have built up the largest staffing network of ERP and CRM professionals.

For Eswelt consultants, who are in contact with both clients and professionals, it is essential that they know exactly what is going on within the niche. The Eswelt team keeps a close eye on the market. We regularly follow training courses for specialists from the field and we organize knowledge sessions for our network.

Under the wings of Vibe group, an international group specialized in IT Staffing, Eswelt has grown into a major player in the field of staffing in the ERP & CRM world.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Antwerpen, Belgium
Bruxelles, Belgium
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium
Frankfurt, Germany
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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