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Europa Recruitment is an Executive Search and Selection organisation, delivering high-quality service for both candidates and clients in Consumer Goods, Software and Retail Solutions industries. We operate across both Food and Non-Food sectors. Geographically, we cover the whole European market, with direct experience and contacts in a number of major European destinations.

With our two offices, conveniently located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Valencia, Spain and in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Europa Recruitment has the capability and know-how to become your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all recruitment needs both locally and internationally.

As a true European business, we have the cultural understanding and a passion for dealing with different backgrounds and languages. We aim to bridge the gap between the organisation and the individual, and create the win-win situation for both sides, wherever this might be.

Europa Recruitment promotes open and honest dialogue with our clients and candidates alike, thus ensuring a real commitment to building and maintaining relationships. We believe that by having this sincere approach, not only we can provide a quicker turnaround, but also we can manage expectations and ensure job satisfaction that lasts longer.

Over the years of our operation and activity, we have been able to fine-tune and tailor our approach to not only suit the particular market, but also the particular client.

We value our clients and our work reflects that. In recruitment terms, ‘we know what good looks like’, and save you time, effort and consequantly money, by carrying out due-diligence throughout all stages of hiring.

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Leicester, United Kingdom


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