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Established in 2001 Fawkes & Reece was launched with a clear vision of becoming a market leading recruiter across construction, civil engineering and the built environment.

The business has at all times relied upon traditional values throughout its existence. We understand that hard work and commitment is appreciated by everyone in our sector; be they clients or candidates. We are committed to delivering a first class recruitment service and adding value as a supplier.

We feel that consistency, loyalty from our staff and the loyalty that we, as a business demonstrate to our clients and candidates has helped us to be recognised for having our own style, approach and individuality.

As we find ourselves in a highly competitive industry and one that we are perfectly built for, an important part of our DNA is to care. Care about the level of service we provide, care about our corporate responsibilities and care about securing the right outcome for the parties we work with.

Today our values are upheld by a workforce of over 70 members of staff across 2 offices, who share in what the business believes in and stands for. With the benefit of core values, Fawkes & Reece has become the chosen and preferred recruitment partner to the very best names in the construction, engineering and built sectors.

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Southampton, United Kingdom


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Southampton, United Kingdom
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