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Not afraid to fall over or jump higher, nor afraid to dream BIG, we believe in people and teams - and their ability to achieve great things. We exist to empower people to fulfil their potential; we build teams, we power businesses and we help them all to change the world.

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Hydrogen Group is a global specialist recruitment business, placing exceptional, hard to find candidates in over 70 countries. Our joined up practices combine international reach with local expertise and specialist knowledge, and cover the areas of:

• Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

• Oil & Gas

• Business Transformation & Change

• Legal

• Technology & Data Analytics

• Accounting & Finance

• Marketing & Business Development

• Procurement

Whilst many specialist recruiters are location focused, we believe the best way to support our clients and candidates is to base our offering around our global practices.

It's through our leading-edge technology and joined-up processes within these practices that our consultants are able to operate globally, finding the right candidates for specialist roles, regardless of location.

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