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Penbeagle Lane, St Ives, TR26 2JH, Saint Ives, United Kingdom

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We are on an ambitious journey to build a technology recruitment consultancy that has a flexible approach but always delivers. Founded in 2017 and backed by 20 years of recruitment experience, we believe that by executing each step of the recruitment process with quality, finesse and personality, we will be unstoppable.

People are the core of our business and we are firm believers in a work hard and enjoy life culture. We like to surround ourselves with successful, ambitious, diverse and like-minded people that collaborate to bring ideas, innovation, and an outstanding customer experience.

Our internal talent philosophy is all about the right people in the right job. We have a career pathway and training plan that promotes fulfilment, development and growth.

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Saint Ives, United Kingdom
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St Ives, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
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Saint Ives, United Kingdom


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