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Established in 2003, HC is a leading Search consultancy operating across the global energy, metal and agri supply chains. We partner some of the world’s leading trading organisations, as well as a range of companies involved in the production, processing, transportation, storage, marketing and distribution of energy and commodity products globally.

Human Capital operates as a fully integrated global team. Our search consultants are each aligned to an industry or functional specialism, and combine their recruitment expertise with a deep knowledge of the areas in which they recruit; this ensures that our clients get the access and context required to make truly informed hiring decisions.

Recruitment Types
Renewable Energy
Oil & Gas
Financial Services
Logistics and Supply Chain
Human Resources
Singapore, Singapore
Genève, Switzerland
São Paulo, Brazil
Houston, United States
London, United Kingdom
Service Areas
São Paulo, Brazil
Houston, United States
London, United Kingdom
Geneva, Switzerland
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Singapore, Singapore


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