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The name Improven is a combination of Improve, Prove and Proven. We improve customer performance, with demonstrable results and with a proven approach that we tailor to every customer issue. Our promise "There is always room for improvement!" is in our DNA.


Improven does not start over, but we continue with what we have built up a strong track record with over the past 12 years: improving customer performance by optimizing processes, information provision and projects. We do this from a finance, IT and risk perspective. So whether it concerns the design and optimization of the financial function with underlying reporting flows, the structural improvement of data quality or the design of a risk control framework… we will not leave until it works and is secured.

On the one hand, Improven focuses on complex (financial) transitions and projects with great impact and change. On the other hand, we help customers optimize business operations by designing, organizing and testing business processes. No thick reports, but working solutions and implementation power.

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Utrecht, Netherlands
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Utrecht, Netherlands
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Utrecht, Netherlands


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Utrecht, Netherlands
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