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Insight was established in 2005 as an independent specialist in Energy & Commodity Trading, Shipping, Logistics & Physical Operations, Accounting & Finance, Executive Assistant & Business Support recruitment company.

Now with over 15 years trading and a team with over 48 years recruitment experience, we have supported our Clients and Candidates through the financial storms of recessions and are now helping our Clients and Candidates through the Covid-19 pandemic, by finding new platforms to help people connect and build relationships for the future !

We have World-class experience, having built relationships with some of the World’s largest and highly regarded companies and some of the UK, Europe and Asia’s most successful and interesting SME’s.

Our Clients and Candidate tell us we have an Honest & Friendly approach and consistently find the talented professionals you need and the interesting and rewarding careers you want !

Above all we value relationships and integrity,

because quite simply, people matter.

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