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Founded in 2012, JBM is a values driven search firm that places executive talent and future leaders into Strategy, Operations and Growth roles in Tech Scale Ups, FinTechs and boutique Consultancies.

We’re on a mission to disrupt the traditionally transactional recruitment model, by replacing it with an authentic, human and invested approach. Recruitment isn't a numbers game. It's all about relationships. And that's why we have grown exclusively through word of mouth. So whether you’re a client or candidate, when you work with JBM you can expect the highest levels of service and honest, insightful career advice.

To see how we practice what we preach, download the 40 Minute Mentor – a podcast we launched in 2019 which shares insight, ideas and advice from some of the brightest minds in business today. We also host regular events for friends of JBM. They’re brilliant opportunities to catch up, strengthen relationships and most importantly, have fun with a like-minded community.

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London, United Kingdom


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London, United Kingdom
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