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Rosenstraße 2, 10178, Berlin, Germany

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Jefferson Wolfe, the recruitment Pack that is known for all the right reasons. When you work with us, you’ll soon realise that we’re not your average recruitment company. We love Tech and Games, that's why we are crazy about the markets that we work in. Tech Start-Ups, Online & Mobile Gaming, Fit-Tech, these are all modern sectors that get people excited. In each of these sectors, we specialise in Modern Tech, Game Design and Senior Appointment, giving each of our clients the support needed to build an incredible tech team from scratch or to assist in their growth. Having offices in London and Berlin we are able to offer a unique service to all our clients and Candidates. Permanent, Contract, Retained, Executive Search, we offer the right service that is needed as not all companies are the same.

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Berlin, Germany
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London, United Kingdom
Berlin, Germany
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Berlin, Germany


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