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JMG was launched in 2007, when the recruitment industry was flush with exciting career opportunities.

For experienced recruiters Jos Schrage, Erik Bell and Tjibbe Galama, starting their own niche recruitment company was a no-brainer. Together, they could bring something to the market no one else had – a commitment to build stronger, lasting relationships with their clients.

Then the financial crisis hit in 2008. Freshly-launched JMG decided to reinvent itself. An idea sparked and a new hybrid model of recruitment was born: an online job board where companies posted vacancies and JMG worked actively to drive the right traffic to the listing using innovative tech tools and digital marketing strategies.

A mutually supportive relationship between recruiter and client became our key to success.

Today there are 250 people who work for JMG – recruitment, digital marketing, talent sourcing, data, tech and development professionals. In all roles, the goal remains the same: to build sustainable long term partnerships with talent and companies and to consistently explore new ways to find matches that stick.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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