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Hendrik Figeeweg 2, 2031 BJ, Haarlem, Netherlands

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We hear you think: who is Joep? Joep is an abbreviation for Young, Enterprising, Enthusiastic and Personal. This not only typifies the people who work there, but also how we like to deal with clients and candidates.

From a beautiful old crane factory on the Spaarne in Haarlem, the city where we have become famous and infamous, we focus daily on recruitment and selection within Sales & Marketing. What makes us successful is our personal approach, direct working method and inexhaustible drive to satisfy our clients and candidates. To do that properly, we really do everything we can. Our sports background helps a lot, nobody can take a loss at Joep at Work. During our daily table football games it is quite fanatic and they can hear us on the other side of the Spaarne.

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Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands
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Haarlem, Netherlands


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Haarlem, Netherlands
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