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Bockenheimer Landstraße 17-19, 60325, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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We're redefining what the highest quality recruitment service looks like. At Joss Search we focus on authenticity to build real and lasting relationships, meaning our clients and candidates feel they're in trusted hands. We believe that authentic people make the best recruiters. We listen, we learn and we're constantly refining our craft. Our values bring us together and we carry them with us in everything we do. Our driving purpose is to champion the hidden heroes in business; the executive support teams who work tirelessly behind the scenes. We want to be their voice to raise their profiles and to help them become the best version of themselves. We love to go the extra mile to support our candidates and clients by sharing our expertise. We know it's not enough to offer just the usual recruitment services and that's why we host webinars, podcasts, events and lunches for both candidates and clients. We want to give back to the hidden heroes and the companies that value them so much.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
London, United Kingdom
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Frankfurt, Germany
New York, United States
London, United Kingdom
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Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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