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Laurence Simons Search is a specialist legal, compliance, intellectual property and legal operations search firm, partnering with businesses across the world to source the best, and most sought after, talent. We match candidates to our clients, considering the needs of both to find a win-win outcome, creating a value-added, transformative recruiting experience. Founded in 1988 we have more than 30 years’ experience. With offices in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Dubai and Sao Paulo we have an international footprint like no other legal search firm, enabling us to form the most suitable team for every search and to use our different offices to best effect. In fact, a considerable number of our roles are multi-country positions and are recruited in the country’s language.

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Life Sciences
Financial Services
Food & Beverages
Paris, France
São Paulo, Brazil
London, United Kingdom
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Genève, Switzerland
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Geneva, Switzerland
Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, France
São Paulo, Brazil
Amsterdam, Netherlands
London, United Kingdom
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Paris, France


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