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123 William St, 10038-3804, New York, United States

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A group company consisting of four specialist, non-competing recruitment brands spanning the UK, Europe and North America. Our group of brands are niche recruitment businesses within Technology, Life Sciences, Renewable Energy and the Built Environment. At LHi, we are an operational centre of excellence. We are the backbone, supporting each brand in the group across multiple locations with the very best Finance, Marketing, L&D, Legal & Compliance and I.T infrastructure seen in the recruitment industry. Our group strategy is clear and transparent; we are focused on international growth, operational excellence, market specialism and delivering the highest level of service to our customers, across all our businesses. Interested in joining our incredible team and an industry leading recruitment agency?

Recruitment Types
Renewable Energy
Life Sciences
Financial Services
New York, United States
Manchester, United Kingdom
Austin, United States
München, Germany
Venice, United States
London, United Kingdom
England, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Service Areas
Austin, United States
Venice, Italy
Munich, Germany
Manchester, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Bristol, United Kingdom
New York, United States
Paris, France
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New York, United States


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New York, United States
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