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Graf-Adolf-Straße 16, 40212, Düsseldorf, Germany

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Working at LMH Engineering (part of the Ambitious People Group) is not like other jobs. It’s about creating a career. Developing! We believe that if our people develop, our company will grow too. But: our standards are high.

We won’t exclude anyone because of their age, sex, race, orientation or anything else. But we do select according to talent and we invest in our people. Day in and day out. We want our people to develop personally and in business. And we stimulate this with incentives, bonuses, national and international career opportunities and with training and courses at our own University. And, last but not least: we celebrate success! Success, ambition and fun are our three core values. With one goal: result!

Recruitment Types
Logistics and Supply Chain
Düsseldorf, Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Rotterdam, Netherlands
München, Germany
Antwerpen, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wien, Austria
Service Areas
Vienna, Austria
Antwerp, Belgium
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Düsseldorf, Germany
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Munich, Germany
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Düsseldorf, Germany


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