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At Luxury Recruit we fully appreciate that clients have a vast array of recruitment agencies to choose from but we believe that we offer substantially more than our competitors – this is because along with our strong focus on our specialist areas of interest, in a predominantly contingent market, 80% of our time is actually spent proactively headhunting and placing specialist candidates across all levels with our clients’ staffing requirements. Indeed, we have made a conscious decision to adopt a search and selection model as we are keen bring a unique, and we feel better, approach to the market. It is our close relationship with senior leaders in our target industry, combined with our deep sector knowledge that is key to our success. Luxury Recruit is an agile, proactive executive search and recruitment firm, we exclusively recruit the very best leadership talent for positions across key business functions and industry sectors. Our focus is on working with established clients to develop their middle management and senior executive tiers. However, the challenge we have set ourselves over the next three years is to expand our already comprehensive offering to embrace more and more functions within our areas of coverage.

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