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Masentó was founded through our desire to build a business and culture that would become best known for its high standards of customer service, knowledge and professionalism.

Masentó is a niche technology recruitment company specialising in Data Science and Analytics, BI and SAP. We have extensive industry experience and an excellent track record for delivering the very best talent throughout Europe.

We’re driven to serve both our clients and candidate community by putting into practice all that we’ve learned from over 50 years combined recruitment experience. We understand that in a such a crowded market we have to strive for excellence in everything we do.

In today’s growing, competitive digital economy, it is often essential to the success of any project or programme that companies have the right contract and permanent recruitment partner to fulfil their demands at speed and cost-effectively.

We understand that our clients need to have access, validate, visualise and communicate insightful data, whether in-cloud or on-premises – and this can only be achieved by employing the very best talent.

In boardrooms across the world, business are deciding to invest in digital and business transformation. We see Data and SAP at the heart of our clients’ businesses and our expertise helps them to keep ahead of the competition.

Whether you are leveraging Data Science, Analytics, BI or SAP to gain a competitive advantage, let Masentó be your destination to access the right experts to help you stay ahead.

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