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56 Clarence St, 2000, Sydney, Australia

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As a senior executive with challenging, high-level staffing requirements, you need a well-connected search and selection partner with strong expertise in your sector.

McCann & Braham’s approachable team have a well-established global network of senior executives in the commodities, energy, mining, professional, industrial and financial services sectors. Our significant expertise in each sector makes McCann & Braham a trusted go to brand in executive search.

Established in 2007 our partners have over 60 years of international experience and have hired successfully across all major markets.

We don’t just recruit, we also offer full career management to our candidates and clients. We deliver informative and timely overviews of market trends, and continually help you optimise your long-term career strategies in a global context. We are also different because we take a long-term view on recruitment strategy.

We are committed to our founding principles of integrity, honesty and individual responsibility in our dealings with clients, candidates and staff.

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Sydney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia
London, United Kingdom
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Sydney, Australia


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