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Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 595, 1082 LD, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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MME Hospitality has a selective database of representative, hard-working and highly educated employees who are deployed for a wide variety of activities. Whether you are looking for well-trained salesmen, proactive catering staff or enthusiastic hosts and hostesses, MME is the right place for you. A detailed description of our services and the skills of our employees can be found under services.

MME Hospitality consists of a young, experienced and driven team. Quality is not only paramount on the floor, the MME team also strives for perfection, is involved and likes to think along with you. Our infinite ambition, eye for detail and a personal knowledge of our database ensure that our employees seamlessly meet your needs. In addition, unburdening our customers, flexibility and quick response are our top priorities at all times.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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