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Moongro is a technology company that makes a difference in the Dutch recruitment market in the field of young, highly educated talent. Data-driven work makes it possible to achieve the objectives of our customers even in the overheated labor market of today and to have more than 100 young highly educated employees enroll per year for some clients. After testing the software, the data-driven Moongro was launched in July 2017. The technology, and in particular the results, then provided the momentum that immediately enabled Moongro to experience enormous growth in 2018.

By using the data and predictive models developed by Moongro, it is already possible to provide the customer with an exact picture of what is needed to actually achieve the final recruitment objectives within the timelines prior to the start of the collaboration. to realise. At the same time, the data also provides complete insight in advance into what is simply not feasible. This prevents disappointments and is very nice for our customers to know in advance. By working in this way, Moongro is a much more strategic inflow partner for its customers than a supplier.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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