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Nippon Recruitment specialises in recruitment on behalf of Japanese companies. We are highly experienced in recruitment all through Europe. We have successfully recruited for a wide variety of positions such as Key Account Managers, Customer Services Managers, HR Managers, Controllers, Buyers and Sales Managers.

Japanese companies are regularly looking for new employees, Japanese or local, in various countries. Usually, local recruitment agencies are enlisted. However, they do not speak your language!

The recruiters of Nippon Recruitment are native Japanese and as communication is the start to success, by listening to your wishes and translate it into an appropriate job profile, we will be able to recruit your ideal candidate.

Besides the language, we are aware of the business culture of Japanese companies. Not every local candidate will fit into the Japanese business culture. We make sure that our candidates will fit into both the Japanese and the local culture. Moreover, for all vacancies Nippon Recruitment will provide you with only one contact. Doesn’t that sound great?

We offer custom made recruitment and we invest our time and efforts to really learn about your company: we study habits, cultures, do’s and dont’s. By doing so, we gain in-depth knowledge of your culture and mentality, and this knowledge will be used during the recruitment process.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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