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100 Drummond Road, SE16 4DG, London, United Kingdom

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For over a decade, NU Creative talent has been quietly leading the way, introducing the very best Creative, Media and Tech talent to some of the world’s finest companies. We support career-defining moves which shape our clients’ talent pools, build brands, create partnerships and accelerate growth.

At the heart of our brand promise is our commitment to transparency. As the root of the word ‘nude’, NU represents who we are: an open, consultative and agile group of talent acquisition experts who love to help people find their passion. We put people first, and provide real measurable value to our clients whilst ensuring our candidates are supported from application through to hire and beyond.

What’s more, when we say we’re unique, we mean it. We’re part of the awarding-winning agency NU Creative, so we live and breathe agency culture and understand creatives better than anyone.

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London, United Kingdom


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