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156 Great Charles Street Queensway, B3 3HN, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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I founded Oakleaf in 2005 with a vision to create a business that not only reflected my own values but was totally aligned with those of the professions we serve and partner with. I firmly believe we have achieved that aim and are, today, the most successful and high-growth business in the markets we operate in.

Delivering the full spectrum of HR, Reward and Payroll talent across all industry sectors, both in the UK and internationally, Oakleaf Partnership has become the market leader by working hard for our customers, by taking the time to really understand the person behind the CV, the culture and challenges our individual clients face over time and by making sure that our enduring relationships are built on trust, delivery and an outstanding customer experience. We treat everyone as we would wish to be treated ourselves and our own company culture allows us to attract and retain the best talent for us also – the Oakleaf is a symbol of courage and we have always made sure our culture is underpinned by having the moral courage to do what is right.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Birmingham, United Kingdom


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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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