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In 2019 I started ONTAPE because I saw many companies struggle to reach and attract the new generation of professionals. The current tight labor market requires inventive recruitment and selection methods and an innovative approach. This was the time for me to use my knowledge and experience in the field of recruitment and labor market communication at various organizations and to help companies grow. My heart starts beating faster when I see that I can help people to get to know and understand themselves better. In my own life I have learned that this is often the key to making better use of your talent, and thus being more successful in what you do.

My vision is that all candidates can be recruited if you choose the right, always personal, approach. There are a number of links in a recruitment process that must be optimally utilized so that the right flow of candidates is always negotiable. In addition to working hard and smart to get fresh blood within your organization, we also recognize that it is just as important to keep the good people in your company satisfied and motivated. But how do you do this and what really drives them? Of course we also regularly ask ourselves this question. The most important thing for us is honesty and fun. We create a place where we work together as friends, so with respect and a lot of humor where everyone wants to see each other and work together. We are very result-oriented and driven, but ensure that this is always based on pleasure and trust.

I would like to talk to see what we can do for each other!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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