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901 Woodland St, 37206-3791, Nashville, United States

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A curious bunch of creative recruiters, relentless in our pursuit of bringing together the smartest talent with the world's leading brands and innovative start-ups. We are a multi-sector agency specialising in Technology, Creative and Financial Services. Orbis is an international business operating from offices in London, New York and Nashville. We have high profile clients in various cities across Europe, United States and Asia.Our growing team of ex-industry professionals and enthusiasts have many years of combined experience in Recruiting. Our ethos is based on the proactive method of researching and understanding the evolution and change within the markets in which we operate. By evaluating and analysing the trends, we can build substantial networks and relationships, allowing us to deliver the best professionals from our specialist practices. We are ultimately judged on our delivery and we treasure the relationships we share with our clients and candidates, so our team take the time to truly understand their needs to ensure we deliver results.

Our interest in tech runs deep within the business. We go above and beyond what is expected from a Recruitment firm, predicting our clients’ future needs using market mapping and strategy. Orbis Consultants was established with the intention of providing a research-led and honest approach towards international recruitment.

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Financial Services
Nashville, United States
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Berlin, Germany
Brooklyn, United States
Nashville, United States
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Nashville, United States


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Nashville, United States
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