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We are the most experienced talent research leadership team in the industry. As the original pioneers of talent research services direct to hiring organisations, we have an unrivalled track record of spearheading the evolution of global talent research propositions, incorporating talent insights, mapping and pipelining on behalf of major organisations around the world. As the internal Talent Acquisition model continues to mature, in house TA teams are becoming increasingly adept at identifying when and how best to deploy the specialist support that high quality Talent Research experts can provide and are utilizing these to great effect, often to support diversity & inclusion, scarce skills, niche markets and global reach requirements. Working in partnership with organisations around the world, we specialise in creating high quality, cost effective original programmes of bespoke talent resourcing. The digital revolution continues to disrupt traditional recruitment methods, facilitating opportunities for bringing innovation to talent insights, attraction and engagement. As world-class talent research pioneers and resourcing partners, we have unfinished business, embracing these opportunities, enabling clients to address hiring challenges and achieve their business goals.

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Renewable Energy
Life Sciences
Oil & Gas
Financial Services
Food & Beverages
Poynton, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
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Stockport, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
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Poynton, United Kingdom


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Poynton, United Kingdom
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