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124-128 City Road, EC1V 2NJ, London, United Kingdom

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It’s not easy to cram 20 personalities and 8 years of business into a single paragraph. Tiny letters on a screen don’t tell you the whole story. About how it all started around a kitchen table with the desire to be a braver, better recruitment agency; about how we wanted to improve the industry we all love and become the best in our space. So we aren’t going to try. Instead, we’ll just say that we’re supply chain recruitment specialists. We do all we can, at every stage of the supply chain journey to offer solutions, solve problems and provide talent. We do this with amazing brands and we provide heaps of things from bespoke solutions to consulting and even a supply chain graduate scheme. We always do it with a lot of heart. We’re inclusive to our core so you bring your whole, diverse self to this business. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the industry and it’s something we’re pretty proud of. If you want to know anything else, come on in and get comfortable. It’s good to have you here.

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London, United Kingdom
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London, United Kingdom


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London, United Kingdom
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