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We’re business people and we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve recruited the best talent for our own companies. That's why we understand your needs and that's why we set up Portman Scott, an Executive Search and Recruitment Company, specialising in growth companies.

Our job is to make hiring as easy as possible for you.

That’s why we spend time so you don’t have to. Our 25 years of business experience, together with our innovative screening process, Next Generation Search (“NGS”), which uses cutting edge behavioural and competency-based testing, means that we only send you the best candidates.

We make sure that you don’t waste your most previous resource, time, interviewing unsuitable candidates.

We also develop dedicated microsites for each client so that you can easily access candidates’ CVs and profiles with multiple users and from multiple locations. No more searching through emails for that elusive CV. You will have a centralised and secure resource that can be accessed online, and information about candidates shared amongst yourselves.

Our two founders, Bridie Cunningham and Bernard Howard have been successful business leaders. Bridie held senior positions with FTSE 100 companies while Bernard founded, bootstrapped, and built a leading online platform and then successful exited to a FTSE company. So we know how important it is to find the correct hire with the right skills, experience and cultural fit.

For an informal chat why not contact Bridie Cunningham or Bernard Howard on +44(0)20 3290 5301.

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