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In 1995 Projob opened its doors and announced to the world ‘We will conquer the Amsterdam market and prove our worth.’ Mission accomplished! Projob has grown from a small temporary employment agency into a labour market specialist which prioritises people and the company at its very core. Furthermore, our services have expanded to cover recruitment and selection, placement of international candidates for international companies, career coaching and training, interim professionals, co-creation projects, HR sparring partners and a B2B network and platform - Projob Company Onboarding.

Projob has also adapted internally to the new perspective of work and the needs of employees: we went from 2 founders to 20 plus employees, from traditionally managed teams to self-organising ones, from only permanent staff to a combination with interim, from carrying out assignments only using our own staff to co-creation. We strive to stimulate and facilitate ongoing self-development at the work place.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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