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De Boorn 15, 8253 RA, Dronten, Netherlands

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Proteqs is specialized in recruiting technical personnel. The consultants have years of experience in technology and mediating technical professionals. Think of metalworking, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or installation technology. Thanks to the personal approach, Proteqs recruits employees who come into their own with you. Proteqs not only looks at job requirements, but also at corporate culture. Does the person fit in the "picture"? Does the person speak the language of the company? In short, Proteqs looks beyond just a resume and a vacancy. In addition, Proteqs remains involved throughout the entire process, as long as the employee is employed. The consultants are available for all your questions before, during and after placement.

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Logistics and Supply Chain
Dronten, Netherlands
Lelystad, Netherlands
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Dronten, Netherlands
Lelystad, Netherlands
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Dronten, Netherlands


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Dronten, Netherlands
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