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Public Network is the personnel network for the public sector. A high-quality network of highly qualified 2.0 professionals with a refreshing passion for this sector. Founders Marjan de Wit and Karin Noordermeer worked for years as senior consultants at a consultancy firm for the government. In addition, they gained experience with the municipalities of Haarlem, Den Helder, Almere and the Tax Authorities.

All our consultants have extensive experience in the field of recruitment and organizational advice in the public domain. In recent years, we have worked together enthusiastically and intensively to build a selective and innovative network of flexibly deployable directors, managers and professionals. This network has grown into a renowned Public Network. Candidates with a star who, with their professional knowledge, leadership, inspiration and innovative attitude, make a positive contribution to the other government.

The public sector is constantly evolving. This requires flexibilization, digitization and innovation of labor. Public Network meets this need. Public Network combines a quality network, with a passion for government and well-founded current knowledge of developments in the public domain. Our working method is characterized by targeted headhunting and quality tailor-made search.

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Haarlem, Netherlands


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