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3 Bridgewater Street, L1 0AB, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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R2R London is a specialist headhunting firm that focuses on placing Experienced to Senior Recruiters into the London market, all achieved from our Liverpool HQ. We are determined to be leaders in our industry and the number one headhunting firm for recruitment agencies.

Over the last 12 years of working the R2R market in London we have seen trainees develop into million-pound billers - who now run their own office in faraway lands, we have watched business owners start their companies from scratch and who are now multi-millionaires.

We build businesses, we build careers, we change people’s lives! We drive the economy. And, in London we don’t just drive the UK, we drive the world. London recruitment companies have changed the world of recruitment. Not the big corporates, but the innovative SMEs.

We are passionate about our clients growing and achieving huge success, our candidates leaving positions that were not for them and placing them in a company where their career dreams become a reality, and us, as recruiters, professionals, and people.

For a career, a life, and a future that is truly exceptional get in contact today with R2R London. We, as a team, breathe the London Recruitment market, so there really is no need to go anywhere else.

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Liverpool, United Kingdom


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Liverpool, United Kingdom
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