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11 Slingsby Place, WC2E 9AB, London, United Kingdom

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We are an international leader in RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), MSP (Managed Service Provider), and Statement of Work solutions. Our offering spans all areas of recruitment, candidate management and technology.

Gain insight and control over your recruitment activities, while mitigating risk and improving hiring manager and candidate experience.

Recruitment Types
London, United Kingdom
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Praha 2-Nové Město, Czechia
Singapore, Singapore
Makati, Philippines
Jacksonville, United States
England, United Kingdom
New York, United States
Madhapur, India
Sandton, South Africa
Service Areas
Manila, Philippines
London, United Kingdom
Prague, Czechia
Manchester, United Kingdom
Sandton, South Africa
Madhapur, India
New York, United States
Jacksonville, United States
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London, United Kingdom


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